Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my loved one needs assisted living?
If you are caring for or worrying about a loved one, take a look at the information provided on our website or contact us for a confidential in-home assessment of your loved one's need.

Will my loved one need to go to a nursing home at some point?
Many residents are able to stay at assisted living as long as they need to. Unfortunately some residents may develop needs that by necessity require them to go to a skilled level of care. When and if that happens the staff of Ella's Place will assist the resident and family in making the transition to the appropriate facility.

Does Medicare or Medicaid cover my loved one's stay?
Medicare does not pay for assisted living. Medicare covers hospitalization, physician charges and other medical expense as well as some nursing home costs for a defined period of time. Medicaid pays a portion of the daily rate in assisted living for some individual.

Can Ella's Place accommodate special diets, such as low salt or diabetic diets?
Yes, the staff at Ella's is experienced in providing for special dietary needs of the elderly and has a variety of diet choices that are both delicious and nutritious. A registered dietician is available to assess the needs of our residents and ensure their physician diet orders are carried out properly.

Does my loved one have to change physicians at Ella's Place?
No. Our residents are encouraged to remain with their current physicians to ensure continuity of care. Physicians are welcome to visit their patients at our residences, but it they are unable to, we are pleased to schedule your loved one's appointment and assist with transportation.