Founders Biography

Celeste Hamilton is the founder of Ella's Place Assisted Living and provides exceptional assisted living services in the Kissimmee area.

Ms. Hamilton is an educator who has always volunteered her time to visit the elderly in her community. She has delivered food, remodeled their homes, and provided company when they needed it.  As a teenager and young adult, Ms. Hamilton would visit with her neighbors and tend to their needs, such as delivering groceries, ensuring their grooming needs were taken cared of, or taking them out to get fresh air. She found that the glow on their faces, as they opened their doors to let her in, was enough to let her know how excited they were to see her. This gave Ms. Hamilton the inspiration to own and operate an assisted living facility and apartment community that houses elderly residents.

With Ella's Place Assisted Living, Ms. Hamilton provides elderly care to those who deserve it the most. She introduces her residents to new and different things that many of us take for granted. The idea for an assisted living facility came to Ms. Hamilton when she realized that many homes and apartment complexes existed to provide top-of-the-line care as an alternative to larger facilities.

With 8 years of business experience in the education industry, Ms. Hamilton's heart always took her back to her first love, helping others and satisfying their needs. She recognized an incredible need to provide the highest quality services to the elderly to ensure they live out their retirement days with dignity and class.  Ms. Hamilton's passion for better senior care eliminates the burden of deciding where to send your loved one in his or her final years.

Ms. Hamilton is a former educator who worked in secondary and post-secondary education institutions for over 15 years.  She was the Director of The Hampton Educational Services Group, Inc., a company that provided high quality free tutoring to qualified/eligible students at the elementary and secondary education levels for 8 years.

She has a Master of Science in Mathematics from Nova Southeastern University, a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology from Florida A & M University and an Associated of Arts in Computer Science from Miami-Dade College.